Health Care Management

There is a document containing information on Biostats in the Week 1 folder named “What is Biostats”. Read this document and conduct your own research to answer the following questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS:

a. What is biostats?

b. Why and how is biostats important in healthcare?

c. To what extent should a healthcare administrator be skilled in biostats?

d. In what areas of healthcare is biostats most important?  

Keep your entire answer for the four questions above within 200 to 300 words.

Use at least 2 additional sources to search for your information. Make sure to cite your sources in APA format. The document I have provided does not count as an additional source, and you do not have to cite it.

Part B

There is a second article in the Week 1 folder titled “What Does Biostatistics Mean to Us?” Provide a brief annotation of this article within 500 words. Make sure you apply your own understanding and write your answer in your own words. No citation is needed for this part.

Further Instructions

Please make sure your answers are in full sentences, with correct grammar and spelling. Submit your work only on a Word document. Double space your document, with size 12, Times New Roman font. No abstract is necessary. Please label and number your responses appropriately. DO NOT RE-WRITE THE QUESTIONS PLEASE!