Week 3: DB 3

Watch the assigned videos on Artificial Intelligence – AI Take a look at the following article to get some ideas McConnon, A. (2018, Jun 27). The future of cities (A special report) — AI helps cities predict natural disasters: New tools aim to forecast storm and earthquake damage, improving emergency response. Wall Street Journal Retrieved […]

Template assignment (400)words

ls The Unit 8 Assignment tasks you with consideration of methods to improve communication both as a sender and a receiver. One of the most important skills in either role is to understand the most effective modes of communication as well as the downfalls associated with each. Using the material from Chapter 13 of the […]

Project Management Methodologies

Write a report that provides facts about various project method methodologies. The audience for your report is your senior leadership. Include the following: 1. Provide an overview of your organization and the project management methodology you currently use (traditional/waterfall, agile, lean, etc.). You may also use a company you wish to work for in the […]

Disc 5: It’s All in the Family (Business)

All of us have had experiences with family businesses.  Sometimes, it is our own family that owns and manages the business; other times, we have worked for family businesses; or perhaps, you know someone who works for or owns a family business.  Create an original post addressing the following questions: 1) Describe the family business […]


Contract  analysis scenario one—damages determination: Alfred and Barbara   own adjoining farms in Dry County, an area where  all agriculture requires   irrigation. Alfred bought a well-drilling rig and  drilled a 400-foot well from   which he drew drinking water. Barbara needed no  additional irrigation water,   but in January 1985, she asked Alfred on what  terms he would […]

Antitrust Regulation

 Antitrust regulation is designed to increase competition by eliminating attempts to monopolize an industry (other than through better products or better management) as well as by attacking certain patterns of illegal conduct (i.e. price-fixing and exclusionary contracts that foreclose competitor business). For this forum, discuss your belief on “tech giants” violating antitrust laws. Do you […]

MGMT discussion7

The topics of this week are somewhat technical in nature: production and operations management and how companies use information technology to create competitive advantages. Would you be interested in managing the operations of a company? Are you detail oriented enough? What do you think about information technology? Does the internet and the world wide web […]

305 w4 Discussion

Discussion Board question must be answered thoroughly. Must be APA format, 12 pt font, must have at least 1-2 verifiable legitimate sources. Use course material. In-text citations. 250+ words needed answering thoroughly. Due Wednesday November 13, 2019. By 10 PM EST. 48 hours. Plagiarism Free.

Integrated MKT

For this assignment you are tasked with creating and initiating a buzz marketing campaign for your chosen product/service at your campus. First, think about who you would like to recruit as your brand ambassadors. Your first task, therefore, is to design a flyer to post around campus announcing that you want to hire brand ambassadors. […]