Research Paper

     For the final paper, you are to write about modern-day science discoveries, the challenge of globalization, gender equality, and lastly the complex relationship with religion and science.  Make an argument as to why the overall significance in regards to the history of science. Significance should be measured by its impact on the time in which it […]

Working Conflict Resolution Methods

Required Resources: Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues 8th edition by Vincent RuggieroRead/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 8 Lesson Minimum of 1 professional ethics code IntroductionDifferent ways to analyze ethical behaviors and dilemmas exist, and many of them will help direct you to the correct or “best” solution to a problem. As […]


HIS 100 Project 2: Historical Context and Introduction Guidelines and Rubric Overview “If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” —Pearl Buck Your second project in this course is to complete a historical context and introduction project. The work you did on the Topic Exploration Worksheet in Theme 1 will directly support […]

Quality Paper @Rancho

–final paper!!! really need to be a quality assignment -theme of the paper: history of opium(global trade) -global commodity:opium For your final in this course you will write a summary/discussion, a methodology, and a literature review based on your research on a global commodity over the term. This is a formal paper that requires excellent […]

Early Medieval Culture Essay

Compare the development of one specific Islamic and one specific   Christian location between 632–1000 C.E. When discussing each location,  provide  a more specific timeline, and consider adding examples of  significant leaders,  political and social structures, beliefs, and  cultural products (stories,  philosophies, theologies, artifacts, art,  and architecture). Your comparison  should identify similarities and  differences in the […]

Serial Killers And The Media

The many questions associated with serial murder investigation bring about criticism and public and media pressure. There is a globalization perspective to a serial murder investigation. Identify and discuss some of the factors that affect investigative tools and approaches used by law enforcement here and abroad. Is this affected by media pressure and actions or […]

Juvenile Justice System And Punishment

This course focused upon the juvenile justice system and punishment options that are available for juvenile delinquents. Throughout these lessons information was presented that not only highlighted how adult and juvenile criminal justice systems differ, but also some of the landmark cases that led to these differences. 1. Compose an essay of 600 – 700 […]