discussion question response #2

Human Resource Accounting is the process of “identifying and measuring data about human resources and communicating the information to interested parties.”  (www.whatishumanresource.com, 2019.)  It is essentially the process of quantifying the cost of your assets and determining their value to the company or organization.  Some of the benefits of HRA include making executive decisions on developing, maintaining, and building your assets to maximize effectiveness, and it allows leaders to better track the use of their resources.  Employees can best be categorized as investments, because any company invests in their future.  That future depends on the development of the people who get the job done, along with the sustainment of the any stakeholders involved.  It is very important to balance the difference between calling your people assets versus expenses.  Their drive and their output is contingent on how you label them and what their worth really means to the company.  The last thing employees want is to be treated as objects merely to accomplish a boss’s goal.  They want to know that they are the reason for success.  The same goes in the military.  The younger, lower tiered employees are the backbone of the unit and are the “worker bees”.  Then the mid level supervisors are the ones that oversee the technical side of the job while mentoring and teaching them to grow.  Then there’s the management team, to make sure their work doesn’t go unnoticed.  At this point in their careers, it isn’t about them developing into higher management.  It’s about making sure those below them can also climb the ranks and become the leaders they have set out to be…with the help of those supervisors of course. 

Human Resource Accounting – What is Human Resource? (Defined) Human Resource Management Topics – Labour Laws – High Courts & Supreme Court Citation – Case Laws. (2019). Retrieved 6 November 2019, from http://www.whatishumanresource.com/Human-Resource–accounting


explains the following: (1) three to four important concepts you have learned throughout this seven-week course; (2) identify the two to three concepts you would like to apply to your work setting and how you will go about implementing them; (3) identify the key elements of your plan to strengthen your practice of leadership. 

Key concepts are:

Attributes of a transformation leader
Leadership attributes

Pillars of Transformation in the Organization

Ladder of Inference

Health Care Management

There is a document containing information on Biostats in the Week 1 folder named “What is Biostats”. Read this document and conduct your own research to answer the following questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS:

a. What is biostats?

b. Why and how is biostats important in healthcare?

c. To what extent should a healthcare administrator be skilled in biostats?

d. In what areas of healthcare is biostats most important?  

Keep your entire answer for the four questions above within 200 to 300 words.

Use at least 2 additional sources to search for your information. Make sure to cite your sources in APA format. The document I have provided does not count as an additional source, and you do not have to cite it.

Part B

There is a second article in the Week 1 folder titled “What Does Biostatistics Mean to Us?” Provide a brief annotation of this article within 500 words. Make sure you apply your own understanding and write your answer in your own words. No citation is needed for this part.

Further Instructions

Please make sure your answers are in full sentences, with correct grammar and spelling. Submit your work only on a Word document. Double space your document, with size 12, Times New Roman font. No abstract is necessary. Please label and number your responses appropriately. DO NOT RE-WRITE THE QUESTIONS PLEASE!

assignt 3 buslaw

Worth 280 points

In this assignment, you’ll need to decide whether Patty Plaintiff has any legal claims arising from a series of unfortunate events.  After reading the scenario, answer the questions that follow, making sure to fully explain the basis of your decision.

Patty Plaintiff is shopping at her favorite store, Cash Mart. She is looking for a new laptop, but she can’t find one she likes. Then, realizing that she is going to be late for an appointment, she attempts to leave the store, walking very fast. However, before she can leave, she is stopped by a security guard who accuses her of shoplifting. Patty, who has taken nothing, denies any wrong doing. The officer insists and takes Patty to a small room in the back of the store. The guard tells Patty that if she attempts to leave the room she will be arrested and sent to jail. At this point, the guard leaves the room. Patty is scared and waits in the room for over an hour until the manager comes in and apologizes and tells Patty that she is free to go.

About this same time, Gerry Golfer is hitting golf balls in his backyard. Gerry decides to break out his new driver and hits a golf ball out of his backyard into the Cash Mart parking lot. The golf ball hits Patty Plaintiff on the head and knocks her unconscious just as she is leaving the store.

Five days later, after recovering from her injuries, Patty returns to work at Acme Corporation. Unfortunately, she used her company email to send her mom a personal email about her injury despite being aware that Acme’s company policy prohibits use of company email for personal communication. Patty’s supervisor, Barry Bossley, discovers Patty’s violation and Patty is reprimanded. When Patty goes home she uses her personal computer to post disparaging comments about her boss and Acme Corporation on social media. The next day Patty is fired from her job.

In a 6-10 paragraph paper, answer the following question: What types of legal claims could Patty make against Cash Mart, Gerry, and Acme Corporation? Consider the following:

What are the possible tort claims that Patty can make against Cash Mart? Discuss the elements of the claim and how those elements relate to the facts in the scenario.

Was Gerry negligent when he hit the golf ball that injured Patty? Discuss the elements of negligence and use facts from the scenario to support your decision.

Does Patty have a right to privacy when using Acme Corporation’s e-mail system? Discuss the elements of the claim and how those elements relate to the facts in the scenario.

Can Patty be legally fired from her job for making negative comments about her boss and her company on social media? Discuss the elements of the claim and how those elements relate to the facts in the scenario.

You will create and submit your assignment by using the ecree link above. Just click on the link and start writing. Your work will be saved automatically. When you’re finished writing, click “Submit” to turn in your paper.

Click here for the grading rubric.

International business article

In preparation for discussions related to international business / management:

Locate, read and interpret a current events articles that deals with one or more of the themes presented in Chapters 2-6 of the textbook. Themes related to Cultural Environments Facing Business, The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business, The Economic Environments Facing Businesses, International Trade and Factor-Mobility Theory and/or Government Influence on Trade. Since this is a course focused on INTERNATIONAL business, choose an article that is not solely focused on USA issues.

Provide answers to the 5Ws about the article and be prepared to discuss during class this evening. Be sure to provide the citation / reference for the article with a pdf copy of the article.

Who –

What –

Where –

When –

Why –

How –


• DUE IN 3 – 4 HOURS

• Number of gages >>> 2 pages

• Attach the article that you will use in a pdf file with the essay.

• The article should not be too long.

• The article and the essay should be CLEAR to understand and EASY to follow. Hind Aljohani Hind Aljohani 1 page

Management Information Systems

Explain the relationship between an organization’s ability to effectively use information technology and its ability to meet its corporate strategic goals.  (Your response should be at least 75 words in length).

Question 2 

Choose a specific job held by an IT professional. What are some of the formal and informal roles for this position? (Your response should be at least 75 words in length).

Question 3 

Data mining is a common practice used to help identify buying patterns of customers for marketing purposes. More recently, though, some companies have started gathering non-purchasing information in order to create profiles of people to sell to retailers. Do you think this practice is ethical? Should it be legal? (Your response should be at least 75 words in length).

Discussion Question ( at least 5-7 sentences).

What are some of the IT innovations that have led to improved collaboration in business? Which do you think has been the most important and why?

Failover and Disaster Recovery

discuss the benefits of DNS failover as an adjunct to cloud failover. 

Use at least three sources. Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list. Cite your sources. Do not copy. Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format. 


Entrepreneurship Due Diligence Report

External Environment:

  • How is the economic environment where the business is located?
  • How is the social environment where the business is located?
  • How is the technological environment where the business is located?
  • How is the political/legal environment where the business is located?

Industry Environment:

  • What is the state of the industry in which the business operates? Is the industry in growth mode, or is it mature or in decline?
  • How does this business compare to competitors in its industry?
  • What is the business’ reputation in the industry and the community?
  • How many competitors are there? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Business Environment:

  • What is the state of the business’ target market? Is its target market growing or shrinking?
  • Are its target customers undergoing demographic changes, such as aging, loss of disposable income, or other transitions that could put the business at risk?
  • Is the business’s customer base growing? Is the business adequately diversified, or is it overly dependent on one or two big customers?
  • What kind of staff does the business have? Do employees have skills that are difficult to find elsewhere? Are their wages average, above average, or below average for the industry?
  • Is there a lot of turnover at the business?


  • Are the business’ sales increasing?
  • What is the business’ profit margin?
  • Does the business have adequate funding?
  • How much debt does the business have?


  • Is this a business worthy of consideration for investment?
  • What are the reasons for your decision?

Adapted from https://www.allbusiness.com/questions-to-ask-when-buying-a-business-567-1.html

Management paper

This is a Turn-it-in assignment. It is important to provide at least two sources for  your bibliography.

1000 word essay that describes your understanding of the article by Dr. Clawson.  What are the highlights of this article? 

What will you take away from this?  on a PERSONAL Level?  on a Business Level? 

More information about this article is available on line, so do some research.  You can use the Text book as a second sources.